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Torchwood: Oh, Jack, I've missed your pretty face!
Big spoilers for first two eps: Everything Changes and Day OneCollapse )

In conclusion: I like it, more plz BBC3.

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non-linear update
Went to Tescos on Tuesday and came back with Häagen-Daaz Pralines and Cream ice-cream, flapjacks, strawberries, Raspberry Ruffle bars and fruit juice. I may or may not have been craving sweet things. Actual food shopping should probably be done at a later date, but not by me, obviously.

Kirsty now lives in Scotland. Moving to another country on a whim? Just the type of thing she does. Insanity runs in the family.

I visited the new library again, which is shiny and full of books (shocking). One of the books I borrowed is cleolinda's Movies in Fifteen Minutes. It makes me want to read her PoA recap again. I cling to old favourites. It's a habit.

I have no idea why I don't have House, Arrested Development, or Dead Like Me on DVD, but I don't like it one bit.

I've mostly been watching NCIS and Brotherhood on FX of late - Jason Issacs is a thing of wonder and a joy forever, as are Abby and Gibbs.

Sense and Sensibility icons = Ang Lee and wonderful British cast hey, aren't 90% of those people in Potter - yes, they are indeed - squee.

Query and an offerCollapse )

Mum is looking around a five-bedroom (...) house later, because the current one has four and yeah. Will there be a house-move (stress!) soon? Who knows. The house may suck.

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Happy Birthday, Em!
For the lovely abby_i, birthday desk-top fun.

1024 || 800

OotP promos started to come out just in time, aren't we lucky? ;)

Now I must sleep because it's after 5am and I am obviously nuts with the being awake too long thing.

Happy birthday to yoooooooooouuu!

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Heatwave or OVEN?
WHAT is the idea here? It is just not on. The UK is just not made for this, we don't have air conditioning in homes, and I only have one fan and so I may die. Because of the MELTING HEAT. I watched Jude last night and didn't cry! That's just insane, it's a horribly sad with much sobbing type movie and my body just... couldn't spare the tears. Nothing, zip. So weird.

The thunderstorm didn't break the heat. I don't think standing outside in the pelting rain and risk getting hit by lightning is a great idea but.. last night I was tempted. It's too fucking hot to think. Wah! If I wanted sweltering heat I'd move to Nevada or the Sahara or something. I'm a wee pale girl from rains-all-the-sodding-time Britain, so what THE FUCK, CLIMATE?

This is revenge, I know it, the planet is PISSED. It's gone all psycho and is screaming at us "You can't drive all those fucking cars if you're all dead or passed out in the heat! AHAHAHAHA! Back at ya, bitches! No more toxic gasses from you, you inconsiderate dickheads!"


Spent Sunday at Tyrella beach since at least there's a breeze there. And ice-cream vans and fish & chips

P.S. Send more ice-cream please. And cold water. And a pool to put said water in.

P.P.S I'm using my new Charisma icon as she's teh pretty and is as hot as the fucking weather. Fitting, no?
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You fucker!
That was fun, the failing to load after 10 different tries, not recovering anything, and in the process making me lose every sodding file I had on here. I hate Windows - it's a useless piece of shite trying to pass itself off as software. Ugh.

I'm on factory settings but it's still a fuck up of a system, my mouse will not install despite the fact it installed just fine the last time around. Who knows what else it'll refuse to do. My laptop was only got at Christmas and Windows has wonkified everything for no bloody reason. HATE.

I'm buying a fucking Mac next time. At least it'll crash differently and have sod all to do with those Microsoft wankers.

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